Storytelling for Communication

Stories are what happened, the people, places, things, and events of something real or imagined. They include challenges and transformation. We all know and enjoy a good telling of a story. We can all express when we experienced (heard, saw, watched) a story that was particularly good. Contrary to popular belief, customers do not respond to data. Instead, they love to hear a good story. The reason that storytelling is so effective is because it elicits an emotional response from the listener that can be much more impactful. Stories work because, ultimately, buying is not a purely objective process. Attitude, emotions, social pressures and other assumptions play a major role in the decision-making process. As a result, telling stories is one of the most important tools for marketing a company’s product. This masterclass will develop your ability to use storytelling as a leadership, communication, and presentation tool to effectively manage people, your business, and your customers.


  • How to use the power of storytelling in business

  • The 5 keys to telling stories in a compelling manner

  • The blueprint of storytelling

  • Practical methods that place delegates on storytelling platform

Duration - 2 days (offsite)