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How Tourism is Navigating the Covid-19 Pandemic

With regard to Tourism in South Africa and how we are handling business in the current climate…

With borders being closed (locally and internationally), plus the travel restrictions, the grinding of halt of immediate business and the slow return of “business as usual” is quite apparent!

Our hope is that SA Tourism will continue to market to the international markets, but also that they will run some excellent campaigns on “Local is Lekker” thus promoting our own country.

Hot Air Ballooning is a luxury item so we do anticipate a slow “re-growth” once we emerge from these extraordinary circumstances.

We are spending time creating campaigns and promotions so that once the market opens up we are ready to fulfil passengers bucket list items and leave our guests with indelible memories!

With regard to Australian Tourism….

As we currently stand (4 May 2020) Australia, NSW, is in stage 4 lockdown. It is not as harsh as South Africa, but definitely noticeable. The Australian Tourism industry will, as per the rest of the world, take strain on getting through the current situation and emerging at the other end (perhaps somewhat battered, but ready for business.)

Australians are amazing at supporting “local” and as we saw with the recent bushfires they focus on supporting local tourism. They encourage people to “rebook” as opposed to cancel. It is very much in the Australian culture to support industries in and after a crisis.

With our closest neighbour being New Zealand and the measures both New Zealand and Australia have taken, I believe that tourism between these 2 countries will be the first and most lucrative markets to open.

I know for myself, we are planning and looking forward to a road trip in our new beautiful country and spending “local”.

With regard to speaking...

Our worlds have been tipped upside down….. We are all in the same boat, in the same storm with the same problems and concerns.

Through these extraordinary times I had to “dig deep”, get familiar with online platforms and through this pushed me to develop a new product offering!

The Perfect Pitch (which is an Elevator Pitch on steroids!!!) was born. A little uncertain I introduced this coaching to the small circle of business associates I have made in the last 3 months and lo and behold – it took off!

Due to the fact that we are in lockdown, that people have time to look at self-improvement and are hungry for “company” (if even online) the pandemic opened up an amazing opportunity which I have chosen to grab with both hands!

Sarah Bauling is an International Speaker and Business Communication Strategist based in Australia who also runs “Elevator Pitch Coaching Sessions”. Visit

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