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Doing Business in the Pandemic

There is no doubt that this generation is experiencing the worst disaster in its own history. The Covid-19 risk came with no one expecting it which has resulted in businesses facing various challenges. These challenges range from outright closure, down scaling and in some cases a whole change of direction. At the point of writing this short article we are still in the middle of the pandemic, but business must carry on. As a business-person you have to craft or revisit your existing strategy because the world has shifted. Below are 3 questions that will help you to stay in business and remain relevant.

  1. What was I doing that is still working? When you have a winning formula that has not been affected negatively but the pandemic then continue on the path of building on previous successes. Take heed though that there is always room for improvement. Every idea needs maintenance. Keep your eye on the changing dynamics and ride on the wave.

  2. What was I doing that I need to stop immediately – You cannot fight today’s battles with yesterday’s tools and mindset. Do not flog a dead horse. When your business has lost relevance, you need to stop and think lest you lose all you have saved. Do not go into debt to build a business that has no problem that it is solving. Your next problem will be some major depression pit you will find hard to come out of.

  3. What did I not think of but would need to start now? The needs of your customers are mutating. Their demands are for fast service, cheaper and higher quality. Listen to the one who will spend money on your ideas. Their feedback is key in crafting solutions for challenges they face. The secret for benefitting from any change situation is to move with the times. Do not spend money fighting technology and change. Position yourself to benefit from every change wave by creating new things. That is innovation. Be a creator of what can be and not resign to be a consumer of what already is.

In the midst of the pandemic, keep in touch with your customer. Let them know you still exist. Keep in touch with your supplier even if you owe them. Show a human face when it comes to your employees. They may be less productive, something they didn’t cause but their bills keep staring at them. You need them post the pandemic. You too will weather this storm. Seek help where you feel overwhelmed. In you are the solutions but they tend to be overshadowed by anxiety and self-doubt. Step out, put your hands on the plough and do what you can with what you have to build the business you desire to be associated with.

Rabison Shumba is success coach, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author.

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