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In 2017, three forward thinking individuals met to form what would become an impact organisational development organisation. We wish we could say we started our business in a garage filled with vehicle spare parts, grease, and a broken table.


Our story began in a cool boardroom in Sandton, South Africa. It inspired our thinking as a room where future learning and development would take place for our many customers. We would meet in the evenings, on weekends, and at odd hours to craft our business strategy.


We had many conflicts and disagreements on positioning, branding, company name, but ultimately, we had one dream - to be a niche provider of human capital development solutions for our clients. Refiloe Dinanga (then still Manyaka), Alex Granger, and Siphiwe Moyo were the co-founders of what we know today as Twice Blue.


Oh yes, many have subsequently asked us what the meaning of the name is. Honestly? We are defining the name as time progresses. We had proposed so many names, but they either didn’t resonate, or were already taken.


So we decided on something random that we could define in time, but that would also serve as a conversation starter. Over time, our business has transformed and we have been privileged to serve customers in both the private and public sectors in Africa.

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