Digital Transformation Programme

This programme aims to:

  • Address the Contemporary Issues in Change Management

  • How to implement Digital Transformation

  • Use Digital Transformation strategies and techniques to create more efficient processes

  • Use Digital Transformation to deepen customer insight and provide a better customer service

  • Use Digital Transformation to create new revenue streams

  • The programme therefore focuses on enterprise issues such as digital transformation, distribution channel reframing, innovation, new product development, complexity management, increased customer knowledge through Machine Learning and Narrative Enquiry as well as enterprise architectural issues.




The programme outcomes are defined around the three core areas of:

(i) Innovation, (ii) Technology and (iii) Enterprise (Business).


The specific outcomes of the programme are the following:

  • Develop Digital Transformation strategies and techniques that redefine current processes and make them more efficient.

  • Discover Digital Transformation strategies and techniques to obtain, merge and manage a Big Data repository of human and machine data.

  • Analyse Digital Transformation strategies and techniques to create and enable a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence competence within the organisation.

  • Plan Digital Transformation strategies and techniques to provide a better customer service.

  • Utilise Digital Transformation strategies and techniques to enable new Product Development.

  • Create innovative business ideas to harness the new opportunities made possible by a changing technology, regulatory and social landscape.

  • Facilitate an in-depth understanding of the critical linkages between Machine Learning and increased customer insights.

  • Empower managers with the tools required for the effective management of the Digital Transformation process.

  • Create a new innovation management mind-set based on the Complex Adaptive System ontology.

In Association with the Institute of Technology Strategy and Innovation (NQF Level 7)

Duration - 6 Months