What are Emergent Sessions?

We tend to misdiagnose issues related to our people's performance and sometimes we look to higher authorities to solve these problems, when we could ask the people themselves. If only it were that simple! How do we have complex conversations with our people without bringing our own biases and assumptions to the discussion?


Inspired by the 'Social Sciences Grounded Theory,' Emergent Sessions are interactive, contextually designed conversations, aimed at leveraging the inherent creativity and potential of our teams. Surveys become ineffective, because participants tend to give answers they think the organisation wants to see. Based on the topic of exploration, these sessions are designed for impact.


Approach/ Design Theory:

Grounded Theory+ Free Association+ Questionnaire Design+ Skilled Facilitator = Effective Group Thinking Conversations

In times of change, organisations spend a lot of time and resources designing solutions to improve their people’s performance, yet now more than ever, the strategies we design for our people don’t yield the desired results. This is because organisations spend little to no time getting to the root of performance issues, when in fact most opportunities to innovate lie in those challenges.

Twice Blue looks at effective ways of assisting organisations determine gaps between their current and desired performance goals and how they can be achieved.


We employ both narrative and analytical methods to dive deeper into complex problems, looking at the context of the organisation, its people, the work that needs to happen, as well as the tasks that make up the desired goals of the organization:

These are some of the additional methods:


  • GAP Analysis

  • Fit Analysis

  • Narrative Enquiry

  • Business impact assessments

  • Performance gap assessments

  • Training needs analysis

  • Job and task analysis

  • Skills audit

  • Knowledge and skills assessments